13 June 2011

Celebration and Death

It has been a long time
Since my heart has ached like this.
I may recall
When my beloved Grandma
Left us June 1, 2000.

And now it is June.
Eleven years later.
Just days before celebrating
Our ten year marriage anniversary.

Yet all I want to do is cry.

A death has taken place.
They aren't in Heaven
Or buried in the ground.
They are broken. A family of four.

A friend I feel betrayed
Made a terrible mistake
Leaving everyone around
Swept up in a tornado.

I am confused for
The actions I don't condone
And for being blindsided.
I have experienced this firsthand
A daughter of broken marriage.

This is suppose to be
A celebration week
Yet it feels like a funeral.
It feels like a death.

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