07 November 2011


"of Mary," 1701, referring to the Virgin; also (1608) in ref. to the reign of Mary Queen of England (1553-8); and (1902) to Mary Queen of Scots (1542-87).

Marian is a name I adore. It's a name of wonderful memories. It belonged to my beloved maternal grandmother. It also belonged to a sweet friend of my mom's, who recently passed.

Grandma Marian was a Godly woman. Very much of her life was devoted to Christ and her church, where she sang in choir, played the piano (and violin in her youth), had lots of friends, and was regularly volunteering with the church to help others in need in her community. She lived up to her name, Marian.

And then there is Marian Lane, my mom's friend. My Mom met Marian through church choir and they became fast friends, or "sisters" as referenced by my Mom. Mom told me that Marian was the "kindest person" she'd ever known. "She would never have a mean thought or thing to say about anyone." By her character and kind heart, Marian Lane lived up to her name.

I always loved the beauty of that name. It's classic; timeless. Not trendy. I had convinced my husband that if we ever did have a daughter, I wanted "Marian" to be part of her name. Our imaginary daughter has gone through several first names (all overused names today). Yet Marian remains in our "baby name short list", if that daughter was blessed to us.

My Grandma: 1997 Age 79 Marian Sylvia Agnes Trana Chasteen

L to R: Marian Lane and my mom. Church choir.

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