14 February 2012

My Birth [day] Story

I love, love, love Valentine's Day. I am a romantic.  Though a realist who likes to dream (so all my teachers said), I am in love with love.  Or all things hearts, pink, red, purple, love songs & movies.  Thank God He made me a girl!

My Story
I was born on February 14, around dinner time.  Just over 6 pounds, I had big hands and a little head that would disappear in a newborn beanie.  I outgrew the hands and still have this pinhead.  I guess I couldn't imagine my features or fine, thin blonde hair on any bigger a head.  (You know who else has a lovely pinhead? Ivanka Trump!) 

My original birth date was scheduled to be January 10.  My poor mom, enduring 10 months of pregnancy.  It goes to show, I really didn't want to come out until Valentine's Day.

My Mom's Story
The day before Valentine's Day, my mom had a visit with her OBGYN.  (If many of you are wondering, women didn't get "induced" labor back then like they do now.)  To be funny, as expected, she cut out paper hearts and taped them to her overdue belly.  The doctor and mom got a good chuckle when he lifted her top.

That night, February 13, out of desperation (not her choice in words, but I am guessing), my mom tried an old wives' tale to get the baby to come: drink castor oil. And so she did.

Either the wives' tale of castor oil really worked, or it was coincidence that I was not ready to see the world until February 14.

My mom always has really good stories, so it's fitting that the birth of her only child, be a good story.

The Backstory
Mom and biological father had been married for 7 years.  The plan was to never have kids.  After Vietnam War, he was never the same.  He became socially awkward and would retreat when around a group of people.  When my mom got pregnant, she was having me.  No question.  Meanwhile, sperm donor decided to have an affair with my mom's girlfriend.  A divorce - unexpected, untimely, and unfriendly - and lack in his presence were certain.

I'd like to think that I was my mom's special Valentine; that no one could take away from her.  I would not leave her.  She'll always have someone to love and someone who loves her back on Valentine's Day.


  1. Larissa...this is sooooo you! You put a smile on my face and I wish you the best of this year on your birthday and forever. Celebrate!

  2. oh larissa, that's beautiful. Happy Birthday!