09 January 2011

Have I Reached "Middle Age"?

And there it was...

A single, white hair.

The only reason it stuck out amongst my baby fine, light blonde hair, was that is was three times thicker and wiry.

Is this really happening? Did I really just find a white hair? How? When? Why?

I thought I was genetically blessed like my maternal tree, where my gorgeous grandmother didn't get grays until her late 60s. My mom started getting the grays in her 50s, but I felt her premature graying was due to her lifestyle (aka lack of relaxing and sleep).

35 is NOT middle age. I don't act it, I don't live it, and to me, I don't think I look it. But maybe I am used to the face I see in the mirror every day. My body certainly is not that of a middle age woman. Sagging hasn't taken place in the areas I have been told "will happen". Perhaps that is genetic blessing or the lack of carrying a baby and the stresses of family life.

My life is hardly stressful, worrisome, or occupied by hectic family schedule. I get the opportunities to take care of myself: adequate sleep, rest, relaxation, workouts

So how did this happen, this thick white hair, now gone down the toilet into the abyss under the streets?

Maybe this was a one time deal for a long time to come. And maybe this is a moment to realize that as we age, we are one day closer to death than the day we were born.

Life is interesting.

Aging is even more entertaining.

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