08 January 2011

Human Tragedy. Not Politics.

Political terrorist, he is not.

Political gain this is not.

Gabby Giffords & Husband (A/P)
The Victims
  • 19 total shot
  • 6 pronounced dead to date, including a 9 year old girl and a Federal Judge, Justice John Roll
Federal Judge, John Roll (A/P)
  • 11 were reported in critical condition today, including Arizona's 8th congressional district representative, Gabrielle "Gabby" Giffords

The Suspect
Jared Lee Loughner's YouTube Channel

Facts we know today on the suspect, Jared Loughner:
  • 22 year old, white male, resident of Tucson
  • Enlisted with the Army but was rejected [reasons why unknown, but a red flag, no?]
  • Suspended from college last September [another red flag?]
  • Enjoys reading books, Communist Manifesto and Mein Kampf to name a few
  • Rejects the American Constitution and The Bible
  • Favorited a YouTube video showing  the burning of the American flag
  • Upset by what he claims is an illiteracy problem in his district, and the US currency 
  • His YouTube videos ramblings wing demonstrate a man who appears mentally ill
Jared Lee Loughner

When Rep. Giffords, her staff, and citizens of Arizona showed up at the Safeway in Tucson, they were there to practice one of their First Amendment rights: Freedom to Assemble.

The rest is history.

Witnesses say the suspect, Loughner, approach individuals indiscriminately and shot them "point blank in the head". Witnesses claim they did not see an accomplice. Loughner told authorities earlier today, upon custody, that he was acting alone. Of course an investigation is occurring, not only involving local authorities, but the FBI and ICE too.

At the time of the Safeway massascre, it was reported that Gabby Giffords was dead. Later, the hospital spokesperson said she was and they had revived her. She immediately had a brain operation and the last news was she was responding positively to the doctors commands.

With a tragedy that killed 6, it is a glorious miracle to hear at least one life was saved. I pray for the souls of the victims lost, for the surviving victims, may they recover quickly, and for the victims families and friends. It wasn't just the 19 that were affected by today's tragedy. It was a nation.

I had just gotten back from a nice 6 mile run and was checking my messages on my smartphone while stretching. A breaking news story had come in from the Washington Post saying 15 had been shot, and two were federal employees. Then another breaking news memo, this one stating a congresswoman was dead (as reported above, she is alive to date).

Immediately, I felt sickened, shocked, and surprised that something this tragic happened. My thoughts were on the victims and the families of the victims. I was concerned and angry. Why do these things still happen?

Yet biased media were quick to theorize he was a right-wing symphethizer. Public figures on Huffington Post using this tragedy for political gain? It seemed that way. Because what was being stated in such articles and blogs were theories. Not even facts (other than the said victims being mentioned and the time line).

Anyone associated with the right, be it a Republican, conservate, or Tea Party member, is not a fan of Marxist readings nor Mein Kampf. They don't reject the American flag; they proudly display it, even waving it when practicing Freedom to Assemble. They don't reject the Constitution, as their fundemental values are to protect, practice, and keep the Rights in tact. And anyone who considers themselves on the right who has friends, wouldn't be quoted as saying to the press that [Loughner] is "left-wing, quite liberal."

Today's tragedy will garner new lessons to learn from. It is a time to reflect. It is a time to come together, citizens, and support one another. Not make a mockery out of this, while so many are suffering and in pain.

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